Karel Capek x Rainbowholic

I am very lucky to have been invited to work on this project and I am excited to see it finally make it's debut! Here is the preview of the Karel Capek x Rainbowholic stationery pouch collab + Premium washi tape collection by 6 amazing artist! 
Rainbowholic will be selling this set as a pre-order this January 24 (Sunday / 11PM JST) at rainbowholicpatreonshop.com. In order for you to buy it, you have to be a patron (any tier). Please join patreon.com/rainbowholic to get access.

If there are remaining stocks, they will sell them at the revamped Rainbowholic shop (main shop) soon. I will update this page when it becomes available there!
Artists: Lovesoup & Joycites
Artists: Hamstergampoong & Me!